Purified Genomic DNA

Purified genomic DNA from the IHWG Cell and DNA Bank inventory of B-Cell Lines is also available. The DNA is extracted by a standard salting-out method and consists of high molecular weight DNA fragments of 25100 kb or larger. Size and integrity of genomic DNA are verified by gel electrophoresis; DNA purity is assessed by OD 260/280 ratio. 

DNA may be ordered as individual samples, quality control panels, or reference panels. The reference and quality control panels were originally developed to support research projects of the 13th IHWS.  These panels provide an array of MHC or MHC-related polymorphisms corresponding to a specific gene, gene family, or genomic locus.

Non-profit order form for DNA and B-LCL  [Excel document ]

Corporate order form for DNA and B-LCL  [Excel document ]

For more information about the IHWG Cell and DNA Bank, reagent availability, and to place orders please contact the Cell Bank via email at rcb@fhcrc.org.


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