Welcome to the IHWG Cell and DNA Bank!

The IHWG Cell and DNA Bank was established as a shared resource to support the scientific projects of the 13th International Histocompatibility Workshop (IHWS). The Research Cell Bank (RCB), located in Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, WA, maintains the IHWG inventory.

This comprehensive inventory includes B-Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines (B-LCL) from previous International Workshops, HLA heterozygous and homozygous donors, selected families, and individuals of diverse population groups. The RCB maintains stocks of purified DNA derived from these cell lines, as well as DNA reference panels that provide an extensive array of HLA and HLA-related sequence polymorphisms. The RCB also provides cloned HLA genes and B-LCL transfected with selected HLA genes, which are available on a limited basis.

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Cloned Genes
Cloned Genes

More than 300 transfected cell lines, including 288 transfected with HLA class I genes and 16 with HLA class II genes, are currently available.

Purified Genomic DNA

Purified genomic DNA from the RCB inventory of B-Cell Lines is also available. DNA may be ordered as individual samples, quality control panels, or reference panels.

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B-Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines
B-LCL from RCB Inventory

Selected B-Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines are available for purchase. This core inventory consists of more than 1000 cell lines from the 10th, 12th and 13th IHWS, from HLA heterozygous and homozygous donors, from selected families, and from individuals of diverse population groups.


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